Most of you have heard by your parents or grandparents about ayurvedic medicine they are using and also recommending you to add supplements like “chavanprash” but we usually ignore these because of either taste or they are very slow in the process to see a significant change. In this article, you will find yourself amazed to see that apart from dealing with principles for maintenance of body health, it has also developed a wide range of therapeutic procedures to combat disease.

One Desire full long healthy life should get up in the Brahma Murat after considering the position of digestion or indigestion means the food which has taken the previous night the healthy person.

Today we are going to discuss the pearl. pearl in Hindi is known as Moti.. when we see many of the patients oh people complaining about indigestion the anxiety the high blood pressure or a kind of impatience in theM then according to Ayurveda there is a great significance of Pearl for your body there is a long story about the pearl in easy if I say that the pearl is made by the water as it is kept into a shell.