MALATYAGA (Excretion in the morning)


One Desire full long healthy life should get up in the Brahma Murat after considering the position of digestion or indigestion means the food which has taken the previous night the healthy person should wake up from the bed in Brahmamuharata at that is around 48  minutes before the sunrise or in the easy language if you would say it’s like between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. accordingly your schedules after consultant the condition of digestion of food taken in the previous night weather properly done or not then he should offer prayer to the lord Madhusudan so that the old papri this means that these are the bad thoughts he has  indulged of a given by the God.

Attending the nature call in the morning like passing of Mala Mantra extra in early hours is a good habit for better health and problems like Antara Kunjan and other Mana gowravam is heaviness of the abdomen there also relieved by attending to nature’s call in early hours of the day immediately after awakening up from the bed at Brahma muhurtham

one should see and touch cut the mustard seeds bilva Gora khana mobile Jatt garland extra immediately after awakening from the sleep it is good beginning that is  Shubh Vaham. viewing one facial reflection in ghee is good natures practice for the promotion of Durga jeevitham or longer life drinks 8 plus Surat means 768 ml of water at the time of early Sunrise shell live 400 years and more free from disease and old age. the person who drinks water in the early morning can not suffer from piles any kind of liver disease or any kind of metabolic problems.

Drinking water in the early morning time especially helps in maintaining the body weight or you can say that extra fat will not be deposited into your body your cholesterol level of the body is maintained by the help of taking water in the early morning the healthy person should get up during Brahma Murat to protect his life after considering the position of digestion or in digestion cleaning after defecation urination acceptor keep nose area clean promotes complexion strength holiness lifespan and remove poverty unrest and evils.

prakshalana means washing of hands and legs always leads cleanliness and removes tiredness improves Shukra eyesight and prevents the attack of negative force or infection.

 Mal Tyaga  when should excrete the urine and faces only after getting the  urge facing north during the daytime and South during night silently without diverting attention and other things having covered the body and head and allow the excreta to pass naturally on their own not by string as we have seen these days that many of the people drink any kind of your take many kind of things before excretion tissues that their metabolism their digestion is not proper when should not passed them at following places unclean place Road heat of soil as cow dung cow shed where movement of people with their nearer to city sacrificial altar or on Hill placement for disposal of dead bodies under and above the trees also not in front of women respectful persons cause Sun moon wind fire and water .

in case of fear for handicapped persons, the elimination can be done according to one’s Desire when should after elimination clean the parts with lumps of mud which is clean and have no defects with pure water drawn out along with mud.

the benefits of  Malatyaga is that it remove foul smell  Kapha and provides clarity Desire of food and cheerfulness